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Kitchen Cleaning Instructions

1. Return all kitchen equipment and supplies to their original location.
2. Do not cut on stainless steel counters; use a cutting board.
3. Use warm water only to clean stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Wipe with dry towel. Do not use soap (it stains the appliances)!
4. Sweep floors after each use. Wipe off all counters.
5. Trash cans are on rollers and should be rolled out to the curb. If needed, there is a hose outside to rinse trash cans. Do not lift trash out of cans inside; leaking may occur!
6. Do not leave extra food in the refrigerator. Leftovers should be taken home with workers. If not, it will be thrown out by members of the Kitchen Committee.
7. The dishwasher is only available with authorized kitchen personnel to operate it.
8. Use the disposal for washing and cleaning all containers prior to placing them in the sink.
9. If you do not know how to operate equipment in the kitchen, call a member of the Kitchen Committee before you attempt to use it.
10. All cloth towels must be washed, dried, and folded after use.
11. Paper products are available for church functions only. Paper products for personal use must be purchased at your expense.
12. Red or purple drinks are not permitted on any carpeted areas.
13. Tables and chairs are to be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped before they are put back in storage. Cleaning spray is furnished by the church; it is labeled appropriately in the kitchen.
14. Thank you for following these rules, so that we can always have a clean and safe kitchen to use and enjoy!
Approved on May 10, 2004